Terms & Conditions

Welcome to UBT Express. 

You (visitor) are bounded by the following terms and conditions for booking order at UBT Express:

  1. The rate lists on this website are for sample use only. They might or might not be updated regularly due to change in fuel charges and other updates. The rates communicated to the customers would be the final rates and would be non-negotiable.
  2. The higher of actual or volumetric weight will be considered for creating a final invoice that you will be charged for. To learn more about dimensional weight, kindly check this page.
  3. In case you send items that are prohibited by international courier, you have to pay return charges as quoted by UBT Express, else it will be seized.
  4. Depending on types of goods being sent, it might attract duties which needs to paid by consignee / receiver.
  5. We have third-party pickups through FedEx, WeFast etc., so there is no need to mention any international address on the package. In case the customer does, parcel will be sent to the international country on undiscounted rates, customer will be bound to pay official charges for international delivery.
  6.  There might be delays in delivery due to strict customs procedures in some countries and for the delays, UBT should not be held responsible.
    Customs Departments have complete rights to review the items carefully.
  7. For security reasons, UBT Express checks each and every item before dispatching it your destination country.
  8. Any expenses incurred due to customs, broker’s fee, or any other related expenses will be incurred by consignee/sender and UBT Express have no financial interest in them or should not be held responsible for it.
  9. There are some areas where we don’t provide service and rely on the third party. Charges will be extra for those particular locations.
  10. UBT Express delivers support through WhatsApp, Call, Email, Live chat and social media. If you find any of them distracting, kindly email at support@ubtpro.com to unsubscribe from further updates.
  11. Packaging is free only if the pickup is from Delhi
  12. Your packages are connected through Delhi (domestic pickup) to your destination country
  13. Repackaging of parcels will be done if necessary. Repackaging costs vary depending on the type and the weight of the goods. You are bound to pay the repackaging costs, else it will be returned and for that, you need to pay return charges.
  14. Repackaging might increase the weight of parcel which would be lead to higher costs which need to born by the sender.
  15. UBT Express has the complete authority to seize illegal shipments and register a case against the sender.
  16. UBT Express asks for personal information and ID proofs to maintain records and forward to the carrier company. Customer’s information is safe with us and it won’t be shared with anyone else without his / her consent.
  17. There might be exceptional delays in pickups or due to customs. The TAT communicated to the customer might not be the actual delivery time. In-that case, UBT does the best to support the customer and take action at the earliest.
  18. The value of the parcels is insured upto USD 100 in case of operational loss. Remaining part is variable and depends on the value mentioned in the international invoice and the refund that the Company gets from the network. If the value of the parcel in less than USD 100, the refund amount depends on the amount granted by the network.
  19. Courier Booking Charges are non-refundable in-case the cancellation is done by the customer.
  20. The payment made through a gateway charges a transaction fee which is borne by the customer and UBT doesn’t have a financial interest in it. If the customer doesn’t want to pay that fee, he / she can do IMPS.


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