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Sirsa is a district in Haryana which lies between Delhi and Chandigarh, two big cities. Due to its conducive environment, businesses have grown in this small district. UBT International serves customers in areas in and around New Delhi, including Sirsa. UBT International has business ties with the best companies in the logistics industry; DHL, FedEx, FastWay, and TNT. If you want to send a package from Sirsa to the United States, or England, or any country four that matter, we provide the best services at the most convenient prices. Our team is highly skilled and deeply motivated. Our company’s mission and vision align with customer satisfaction and exemplary quality of service.

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Items that you can send to Sirsa through international courier from Sirsa, Haryana

Here is a list of items, packages, and articles that can be sent from Sirsa to anywhere outside India :-

  • 1. Books, literary materials, important documents, identity cards, college applications, etc.
  • 2. Electronics and communication devices.
  • 3. Medicines and drugs (please refer customs advice section or contact the UBT International support team for more details).
  • 4. Cotton and woolen items.
  • 5. Decorative articles made of wood, ceramics, terracotta, etc.
  • 6. Edible items (please check the expiry dates and pack items properly).
  • 7. Excess baggage (above flight limits/baggage that costs extra to carry on the flight).

UBT International has partnered with the likes of DHL, TNT, FedEx, and FastWay, to make your experience with us smooth and pleasant. We take care of your packages as our own. UBT International also provides free protection cover and a free safety shield.

How UBT International Courier Service works in Sirsa and near by areas

Our process flow is class-apart. Our team aims for punctuality and accuracy. Teamed up with the best delivery partners from around the globe, we hit the bullseye every single time. Our way of working can be divided into three major parts.

Our door to door pickup service is free of any costs. We pick up your package as soon as you call us to avail of our services. Our pickup team is efficient and always on time. We see your comfort as our mission and aim to fulfill it.

Next, your package reaches the warehouse where it is screened for any security issues. We check that all the articles are within the limits of the customs regulations of the host country. After the meticulous screening, we re-pack your cargo and add a free protective shield. We make sure that all items reach the destination safely.

Our delivery partners like DHL and TNT help us fly the package overseas. We track the package at all times and keep you updated. Hence, we achieve maximum efficiency in minimum time. Whether it is New Delhi, Gurgaon, or Sirsa, we make sure that the cargo arrives at the destination in the pink of health.

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UBT Pro Express International Courier ratings

Suhaib Syed Husnain

I had to ship 1st year engineering text books (17 kgs) from Bangalore to Dubai and UBT International Couriers did a fantastic job. They picked up the books from home in Bangalore, shipped to Delhi on its way to Dubai. Good customer service at very reasonable cost. Thank you!

Charulatha Sanmathi

UBT express has a very good service. I have sent parcels from India to UK twice now and it's been great and prompt service. Their prices are very reasonable and service the best.

john mathew

UBT is a wonderful partner in courier services worldwide. They are quick in pick up and dispatch. Their delivery is door to door and express/priority services within 4 days of dispatch.

Rajesh Nirmal

I send a parcel to Mumbai from australia at it easy delivered 4-5 working days as promised ubt is a best courier service thanks to ubt team.

Vivek Singh

I sent a courier through UBT International Courier Service via online from India to Canada and must say they provide very good service at very minimum price.

Rahul Singla

People who came for packing were very professional and polite. I received the goods on time. Superlative service. Loved it.

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Customs Advice for sending international courier from Sirsa

Sending an international package from Sirsa is no different than any other Indian city. Avoid animal-based products like ivory, fur, and animal skin. Avoid weapons and sharp objects that can be deemed dangerous. When sending prescription drugs, make sure you read the regulations carefully. Our team also checks your packages for safety issues and to make sure that the package follows all the laws. When sending edible items, make sure they are not expired and that they are packaged properly and carefully. Make sure that you always check the import laws of the host country. You can reach out to our helpful support team at UBT International. We would be glad to help you.

Why Choose UBT International Courier service?

There are reasons-a-plenty to opt for UBT International over other courier services. Here are just a few:

  • - UBT International’s pricing model is affordable and easy on the wallet. Our quotations are accurate and give the best estimates possible.
  • - Our package tracking system is backed by our esteemed group of delivery partners. When you are dealing with biggies like DHL and FedEx, it is hard to go wrong. We send updates to our clients regularly.
  • - We provide free door to door pickup of packages. We also provide free protection cover for your packages and a shield to keep it safe.
  • - Our three-tier workflow ensures that all legal obligations are fulfilled. We make sure that the package arrives at its destination without any hassle.
  • - Our delivery speed is fast without compromising the quality of service. We aim to achieve maximum throughput in the least time.

Shipping Times for international courier from Sirsa

Shipping times from Sirsa to anywhere outside India depends on two factors: the destination country, and the delivery partner. UBT International chooses the best delivery partner for you. Cargo from Sirsa to Australia is handled by TNT. Similarly, DHL handles European packages from Sirsa.


In the digital age, maximum efficiency is paramount if you want to compete in a tough economic climate. UBT International ensures that all outbound packages reach their destinations in time. We offer free pickup service to make the experience even more pleasant for you. Sirsa might be located 200 kilometers or more from New Delhi, but for an international courier service company, nothing is far. We serve all the areas in Sirsa. Some of them are Rania Road (where the famous Gurudwara Chillah Sahab is located), Nataro Road, and Khauja Kheda.

We bridge distances like it is a walk in the park. After all, that is what an experienced logistics company like UBT International does.

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