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Meerut is a city which well-serviced by UBT International. Our exceptional quality of operations and a dedicated workforce caters to all international courier demands in the city of Meerut. We have tie-ups with companies like DHL, Fastway, TNT, and FedEx. These industry veterans help us deliver your packages in time without overlooking any of the critical intermediate steps. UBT International serves all areas in New Delhi, and surrounding areas like Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon, and of course, Meerut. We offer free pickup service in Meerut as well.

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Meerut is a city in west Uttar Pradesh. It is just 70 kilometers away from New Delhi and 430 kilometers away from the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. Meerut is well-known for manufacturing sports goods and musical instruments. These manufacturers and middlemen are always in need of quality courier services and logistics solutions. UBT International plays an important part in the export of these goods. We cover all areas of Meerut including the posh Meerut Cantt, Ganga Nagar, Zakir Hussain Colony, Mawana Road, Saket, Partapur, and Modipuram. Other places like Jaibheem Nagar, Defence Colony, and Shastri Nagar are also covered by UBT International.

Items that can be sent through our courier service

Meerut to London? Meerut to New York? Meerut to anywhere around the world? UBT International provides solutions to execute your demands. Here is a general list of items that we can deliver for you :-

  1. Sporting goods made out of rubber, steel, plastic, etc.
  2. Books and documents.
  3. Musical instruments made out of wood and plastic.
  4. Medicines and drugs.
  5. Cooked food.
  6. Electronics like mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Please refer to the customs advice section to get a slight idea about things that cannot be sent and items that you can send via our courier service.

Shipping Timmings

Our delivery times depend largely on the host country. The delivery channel also matters. Ideally, all our packages reach their destinations within two weeks to one month. Our dedicated workforce does everything in its power to ensure that your package reaches the destination in time.

Customs Advice

Customs is a major player in the whole international courier equation. UBT International support staff will guide you through every tiny customs regulation to rule out any chance of error. For starters, you can begin going through the customs rules of the host country. Some general things that are not allowed are plants and seeds, weapons, ivory, fur, prescription drugs, expired goods, and products that are meant for commercial purposes. Contact our team now for more details.

Our process

Our pickup service is entirely free. We pick up the cargo from your doorstep from any place in Meerut. After that, the cargo reaches our warehouse where we run it through a series of acid tests. We check for any illegal items and make sure that the packaging is proper. We add an extra protective shield which is also free of cost. After this step, our partners like DHL, TNT, and FedEx help us carry the package from India to any destination abroad. We deliver quality and expertise to our clients and people have been trusting us for ages. Our experience of many years helps us execute your demands in the most optimized fashion.

Why Choose UBT

This is the question that must be bugging you now: why choose UBT International when there are so many options? After going through the following, we are sure that your mind will be free of any doubts :-

  • We work for our clients in a dedicated and methodical way. Our delivery partners place time and quality above everything else. That is why companies like DHL and TNT are reputed around the world.
  • We offer free add-ons services in the shape of pickup, security, and timing. We add a protective cover to all your packages and make sure the right delivery partner handles your cargo.
  • We offer very affordable packages starting from 290 INR per kilogram. Our quotations are also fairly transparent. We give the best estimates that will give you an idea about the charges that you will pay later.
  • Our real-time tracking system is a state of the art mechanism which keeps clients updated at all times. From the moment we pick your package to the time that it reaches the destination, you shall be informed about its location.
  • Our service is fast and smooth. There will be no hurdles in the way. Our team is experienced and understands your requirements better than anyone else.
  • Our technology-backed systems ensure that the delivery flow is efficient and completely optimized.

Not only this, our company vision is based around punctuality and customer loyalty. Our group of directors, our partners, and our esteemed employees work day-in-day-out to make sure that you are satisfied.

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UBT Pro Express International Courier ratings

Suhaib Syed Husnain

I had to ship 1st year engineering text books (17 kgs) from Bangalore to Dubai and UBT International Couriers did a fantastic job. They picked up the books from home in Bangalore, shipped to Delhi on its way to Dubai. Good customer service at very reasonable cost. Thank you!

Charulatha Sanmathi

UBT express has a very good service. I have sent parcels from India to UK twice now and it's been great and prompt service. Their prices are very reasonable and service the best.

john mathew

UBT is a wonderful partner in courier services worldwide. They are quick in pick up and dispatch. Their delivery is door to door and express/priority services within 4 days of dispatch.

Rajesh Nirmal

I send a parcel to Mumbai from australia at it easy delivered 4-5 working days as promised ubt is a best courier service thanks to ubt team.

Vivek Singh

I sent a courier through UBT International Courier Service via online from India to Canada and must say they provide very good service at very minimum price.

Rahul Singla

People who came for packing were very professional and polite. I received the goods on time. Superlative service. Loved it.

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When you hear international courier services, think ‘UBT International’. We are a class-apart organization working everyday to ensure that the highest standards of quality are delivered to our clients. Many sports goods manufacturers and industrialists as well as individuals in Meerut already use our superior services. Don’t wait! UBT International is there for you.

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