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As a financial and technology hub, Gurgaon has come a long way from being a simple city in the state of Haryana. It’s no doubt that an average Gurgaon resident has to take care of some international couriers. It may be to a friend in the US or that client in Ireland.

That having said, the last thing you want is sending your package via a random parcel service out there. Instead, you need something very reliable and trustworthy. Or, in an easy way to put it, you need the same quality of Australian parcel service providers like TNT or the legendary international courier services like FedEx, DHL and Aramex.

You may not, however, be able to send an international courier from Gurgaon using FedEx or DHL if you have a short budget. But, of course, you don’t want to lose/misplace the package either. That is why you should be looking for an international courier service that is reliable, trustworthy and yet affordable. Something just like UBT Pro.

Products You Can Send via International Courier in Gurugram, Haryana

  • 1. Documents.
  • 2. Food Items.
  • 3. Medicine.
  • 4. Excess Baggage.
  • 5. Electronic equipment and gadgets.
  • 6. Clothing and Apparel.
  • 7. Books and related Material.

It should be noted that you cannot ship certain items, like perfumes and aerosols, due to IATA restrictions. If the thing you want to courier abroad is completely legal, UBT Pro can find a way to choose the right parcel partner and get the job done.

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UBT Pro Express International Courier ratings

Suhaib Syed Husnain

I had to ship 1st year engineering text books (17 kgs) from Bangalore to Dubai and UBT International Couriers did a fantastic job. They picked up the books from home in Bangalore, shipped to Delhi on its way to Dubai. Good customer service at very reasonable cost. Thank you!

Charulatha Sanmathi

UBT express has a very good service. I have sent parcels from India to UK twice now and it's been great and prompt service. Their prices are very reasonable and service the best.

john mathew

UBT is a wonderful partner in courier services worldwide. They are quick in pick up and dispatch. Their delivery is door to door and express/priority services within 4 days of dispatch.

Rajesh Nirmal

I send a parcel to Mumbai from australia at it easy delivered 4-5 working days as promised ubt is a best courier service thanks to ubt team.

Vivek Singh

I sent a courier through UBT International Courier Service via online from India to Canada and must say they provide very good service at very minimum price.

Rahul Singla

People who came for packing were very professional and polite. I received the goods on time. Superlative service. Loved it.

Our Process for Sending International Couriers

One of the reasons why UBT Pro remains one of the best international courier services in Gurgaon is a truly transparent process. During this process, UBT Pro would not only find the right courier partner for everything you want to send but also offer the best rates in the market. As we said earlier, we rely on courier partners like DHL, FedEx, TNT and Aramex among others.

Once we receive an online quote from you, the UBT Team would contact you for understanding your needs. The package would then be collected and re-packed, so that there are no technical difficulties on the way. It also makes sure that your package reaches the destination with no tamper whatsoever.
UBT Pro can always provide real-time tracking of the package so that you know where your courier is at.

It does not matter to which part of the world you’re sending the parcel from Gurgaon, UBT Pro can excel at the service very much. We can also pick up your courier from Gurgaon North, Gurgaon South or Pataudi as per your requirements. Even if you’re from Badshahpur or Kadipur, UBT pre-sales executives would be there to offer the best service.

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Customs Advice for Sending Parcel from Gurgaon

Every country has its own rules for exports and imports, you know. In order to provide you the best-in- class international courier service, UBT Pro has experts. These experts can provide you information on what you can send and what you cannot send via an international courier service. In addition to this, we can also offer you assistance in optimizing your package for customs clearance.

At the end of the day, this advice would help you ensure that your package reaches the place in the time you want.

Shipping Times While Sending Courier from Gurgaon

UBT Pro ensures the fastest shipping times when sending an international courier service from Gurgaon. Of course, the final amount of time depends on what you are sending and where you are sending. However, it is our responsibility to make sure that your medicine or document is packed and forwarded to the courier partner as soon as possible. This speeds things up in a really noticeable way.

During our pre-pickup service, UBT Pro executives would give you an estimate on the shipping times for the package you are sending out. While there is always a relative element to the dates, you will know when your dear one or the US university would receive the package at their end.

Moral of the Story is

So, it does not matter even if you are from the most rural part of Gurgaon, UBT International can help you send documents, food items, medicine and excess luggage to the different parts of the world. Interested in availing your service? Get a free quote.

Why UBT International Couriers

Still wondering why you should choose UBT International Couriers over others in market? We offer a lot of things you cannot expect from others too.

We enable door-to-door service for every courier package we undertake. As an international courier service, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that your package is delivered to the right address. It does not matter which part of Gurgaon you are from; our agents would visit your place and collect the package for procedure further. This offers a hassle-free courier process for you.

Every package that is sent out via UBT International is powered by a free protection cover. We use higher- quality protection cover to enable the safe and smooth passage of your courier. In case of medicine courier and document parcel, this international courier service provider would offer the best line of protection you would ever expect.

Apart from the protection-oriented packing, UBT International also offers a free safety shield with every type of package we send out. In the stream of international courier package, this would act as an extra level of protection, thereby offering you peace of mind. Even if you forget to ensure proper packing, our executives will take care of the rest.

As we said in the beginning, UBT International offers one of the most affordable international courier services you can find in Gurgaon. Our rates for international courier start at 290 Rs per Kilogram, which is of course the best when you want the highest quality. As we said earlier, we rely on networks like FedEx and DHL so that your deadlines are met.

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