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Noida has become such a big place that there is no scarcity for international courier services. The problem is that you don’t want to send your important package with some company with a border. That said, running towards DHL, FedEx, TNT or Aramex is not something you may afford. Things can get very expensive if your weight exceeds certain limits.
So, what should you do if you want to send an international courier from Noida while ensuring quality and affordability? Well, that is where an organization like Couriers comes in. We have decades of experiences in the international courier industry that we can offer more than what you expect.

Items You Can Send Via International Courier Services in Noida

We understand that you want to send a variety of items from Noida to the US, UK, Australia or other parts of the world. At , we have created a dedicated solution for all these needs. Some of those common things we can offer our complete assistance in sending are:

  • Excess baggage and luggage that you cannot carry on flights
  • Important documents that you want to send to universities abroad
  • Medicines and other important items
  • Clothing as well as books
  • Food items and other eatables
  • Electronic gadgets and other equipment

Not every courier channel supports sending all these types of packages. can help you here by choosing the right partners like DHL, FedEx, Aramex and the Australian-quality TNT. Of course, we choose from the reputed options only so that you can stay relieved.

Why UBT Pro for International Couriers From Noida?

  • Door to Door Service ensures that your couriering service is very easy. We collect your package from your doorstep, no matter which part of Noida you are from. Even if the metro service does not reach you, executives would do that. This means you can enjoy the smoothest experience of sending a courier to the US, UK or Canada.
  • Free Protection Cover and Safety Shield are included with each of our package handling process. As you may have noticed, we partner with international-quality courier providers like DHL and FedEx. It means you don’t have to worry about your document getting scrambled or the food getting spoiled on the way.
  • Affordable Rates also make one of the best international courier service providers in Noida. It should be noted that we have a country-wide network that takes care of packaging that are bound to the various parts of the world. No matter where your package is headed, we can offer the best rates, starting at as low as 290 Rs per KG.
  • is also powered by one of the most transparent courier service processes. We offer a fully-fledged quote to every customer even before they choose us. We offer you a quick look at the estimated pricing and the estimated delivery dates according to the package you want sent. This can keep your experience hassle-free as well.

We should also mention our dedicated management professionals here. They make sure that they collect a variety of packages from your side, pack it well for international transfer and make sure that everything is perfect before it is sent to DHL, FedEx or TNT.

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UBT Pro Express International Courier ratings

Suhaib Syed Husnain

I had to ship 1st year engineering text books (17 kgs) from Bangalore to Dubai and UBT International Couriers did a fantastic job. They picked up the books from home in Bangalore, shipped to Delhi on its way to Dubai. Good customer service at very reasonable cost. Thank you!

Charulatha Sanmathi

UBT express has a very good service. I have sent parcels from India to UK twice now and it's been great and prompt service. Their prices are very reasonable and service the best.

john mathew

UBT is a wonderful partner in courier services worldwide. They are quick in pick up and dispatch. Their delivery is door to door and express/priority services within 4 days of dispatch.

Rajesh Nirmal

I send a parcel to Mumbai from australia at it easy delivered 4-5 working days as promised ubt is a best courier service thanks to ubt team.

Vivek Singh

I sent a courier through UBT International Courier Service via online from India to Canada and must say they provide very good service at very minimum price.

Rahul Singla

People who came for packing were very professional and polite. I received the goods on time. Superlative service. Loved it.

How Much Time Does It Take to Send International Couriers from Noida?

takes quick care of your package as soon as it reaches our place, so that it is moved to the next station. Even before this, our executive would give you a heads-up on the estimated delivery time. Yes, we are talking about the time that takes us to deliver the package to the desired address across the world.

Normally, the estimated shipping time may vary between a few days and a few weeks, depending on where you want to send the package to. In both cases, would be giving you real-time updates on the package. At any given time, you would know where your package is. What this means is that you can be completely confident when you send something with us.

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Some Valuable Customs Advice

International trade is growing every day, but we cannot send anything and everything via air now. There are a few restrictions and you should know these restrictions before finalizing the package. When you sign up to get a free quote, the executive would provide you a list of things you can send and the ones you cannot. Of course, the list would vary depending on the destination address.

We believe these instructions would help you ensure the safe package of the items. Also, even if you send a package from Greater Noida to Canada, we will take the best care of the package, throughout the journey. So, no matter if you are sending a medicinal kit or some packaged food, it will be delivered as soon as it can be.

UBT Pro International Shipping Process From Noida

We have a three-tier process that is pretty dynamic. However, we can give you an outline. The first phase is when a customer decides to send an international package with us. This package is collected from any part of Noida. As we said, our network is pretty widespread and collects things from Greater Noida, Yakubpur, Sector 104, Salarpur, Sector 44 or Amity University. These packages are then led to the central warehouse of UBT Pro.

From there on, we go through a rather complex process of optimizing the package for international transfer. During this step, we may re-do the packaging and ensure that nothing is violating customs rule or anything, for that matter. This is how we are able to achieve the highest standards in international courier.

So Finally...

UBT Pro is an ethical international courier service provider that deals with honesty and integrity. We rely on trusted service providers, but our services are customized for everyone from Noida. Also, you can have a pretty smooth and hassle-free international courier shipping from Noida.

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