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UBT Pro has a dedicated team of professionals working 24 x 7 to make courier services for people in Faridabad easier and efficient. Not only this, UBT Pro has partnered with huge companies like FedEx, DHL, and TNT. They offer their services in Faridabad, Haryana and regions surrounding Faridabad.

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Reliable International Courier Services In Faridabad

UBT International serves all of Faridabad. We offer affordable and high-quality international courier services in all areas that fall under the region of Faridabad. Our efficient and flawless operations make sure that your cargo is delivered to its destination in the best of condition. We have partners like DHL, FedEx, Fastway, and TNT, that help us serve our clients in Faridabad better. Our network exists all around the world. We serve all areas in New Delhi and regions surrounded the capital. Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Rohtak, Manesar, Noida, Greater Noida, etc are all covered. We offer free pickup as well.

Faridabad is an important city in the state of Haryana and shares its borders with New Delhi. It is a part of the National Capital Region, NCR, and owing to this fact, it harbors a diverse range of industries and businesses. It is well connected with Delhi via the local metro, buses, and the Indian Railways. The huge amount of industries have also spiked up the demand for high-quality logistics and transportation needs with countries like Canada, Australia, and the United States. UBT International chooses the best delivery partner for each destination and aims to satisfy all its customers in Faridabad.

Items that you can send in international courier from Faridabad

The items that can be sent depends on the destination country but here is a general overview:

  • 1. Books, papers, documents, and applications.
  • 2. Clothes and jewelry.
  • 3. Medicines, prescription drugs, and health supplements.
  • 4. Excess baggage that you can’t carry with you on the flight.
  • 5. Handicrafts.
  • 6. Edible items.
  • 7. Electronics.

All items mentioned above have to follow a certain set of rules and regulations. Our support team is always ready to help you. Contact UBT International now.

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UBT Pro Express International Courier ratings

Suhaib Syed Husnain

I had to ship 1st year engineering text books (17 kgs) from Bangalore to Dubai and UBT International Couriers did a fantastic job. They picked up the books from home in Bangalore, shipped to Delhi on its way to Dubai. Good customer service at very reasonable cost. Thank you!

Charulatha Sanmathi

UBT express has a very good service. I have sent parcels from India to UK twice now and it's been great and prompt service. Their prices are very reasonable and service the best.

john mathew

UBT is a wonderful partner in courier services worldwide. They are quick in pick up and dispatch. Their delivery is door to door and express/priority services within 4 days of dispatch.

Rajesh Nirmal

I send a parcel to Mumbai from australia at it easy delivered 4-5 working days as promised ubt is a best courier service thanks to ubt team.

Vivek Singh

I sent a courier through UBT International Courier Service via online from India to Canada and must say they provide very good service at very minimum price.

Rahul Singla

People who came for packing were very professional and polite. I received the goods on time. Superlative service. Loved it.

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Why Consider UBT Pro for International Couriers from Faridabad?

The reasons to choose us above any other courier service are many :-

  • 1.  Our pricing model is designed to make it convenient for our customers. We offer the best prices, starting from 290 INR per kilogram. We are transparent with our estimates and quotations.

  • 2.  Our vast network of delivery partners comprising of big names like DHL and FedEx speak volumes of our exceptional service quality.

  • 3.  We offer free add-ons like a free pickup. Also, we add a free protection cover to all your packages to ensure their safety.

  • 4.  We believe in technology. All our operations are fueled by cloud-based systems and robust ERPs.

  • 5.  We work closely with our reputed partners to update you with the latest tracking information. From pickup to delivery, you’ll have complete knowledge about the whereabouts of your priceless items.

  • 6.  We offer speedy delivery thanks to partners like DHL, TNT, and Fastway.

  • 7.  You are already well-acquainted with our workflow. Our way of working is efficient and highly optimized. Our experienced managerial outfit is well-equipped to handle all kinds of demands.

Apart from all this, our support team is always ready to help you. We are just a phone call away. Our headquarters are based in Delhi which is just a few kilometers away from Faridabad.

In a nutshell

All in all, UBT International is a complete delivery solution. Place your trust in UBT International and you will not be disappointed. Our free service add-ons make the experience pleasant for our clients. People in Faridabad and regions surrounding Faridabad have been trusting us since the past many years. We cover all the posh areas of Faridabad like Sector 9, Sector 11, Sector 14, and Sector 19. There are many new commercial spaces on Mathura Road as well. We serve individuals, e-commerce businesses, SMEs, as well as well-established enterprises. Our quality of service and extreme dedication have cannoned us to the forefront of international courier services in Delhi-NCR.

UBT Pro International Courier Near Me - How It Works?

Even if you live or work in the furthest parts of Faridabad, we offer free pickup service. Our pickup team is efficient and punctual. We carry your packages with the utmost care. Once the package reaches our warehouse, we screen it and make sure that all the articles follow the set of rules. We might need to open your package to ensure that no rules are being overlooked. After that, we re-pack your items and apply a protective shield which is, of course, free of all costs. Our security shield is firm and keeps your package intact all through the long journey. Once we are sure that the package is ready to be delivered, our venerated partners with the likes of TNT, FedEx, and DHL, come into play. With these industry giants in charge of your cargo, you don’t have to worry at all. They ensure that the package is delivered in time and in the best condition.

Customs Advice for international courier from Faridabad

When you are sending a package from Faridabad to Australia for example, the regulations of the Australian customs shall apply. So make sure that you read the list of banned items, contraband, and the items that are frowned upon. Don’t send food which might get expired on the way. Plants, flowers, and seeds are strictly prohibited. Animal-based products like ivory and fur are also not allowed. Besides this, weapons, prescription drugs, etc are also not allowed. Many courier services will not allow you to send a few items which UBT International can. You can contact our team right now and find out how we can help you send your package to far-off destinations without worrying about customs.

How Long Would It Take For My International Courier To Reach Destination Country?

The amount of time taken to pick the package from your doorstep and reaching the assigned destination depends on the delivery partner and the host country. UBT International assigns the package to the delivery partner which takes the least amount of time to reach a particular country. For example, TNT handles all our Australia-bound cargo. UBT International works hard to make sure that the amount of time taken is the essential minimum.

Popular Countries for Sending Courier from Faridabad, Haryana

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